RE: Motorola DSP comparison

Started by Roelof Oelofsen January 31, 2002

Thanks for all the response. I actually did the whole thing the wrong
way round! I first bought the 56f807evm with license, and then I asked
your opinions.

I have only been working with the evm for 2 days now (I am not familiar
with Codewarrior, the assistance of an Embedded SDK or Motorola DSP's!)
and I must admit that Motorola makes it real easy to start.

Sure I've got a long way to go, but looking at your responses, I would
not even be this far if using another DSP.

One last thing: When looking to buy new devices (MCU or DSP), I always
look at the information available for the device, and the Motorola DSP,
SDK and Codewarrior surely has got enough documentation!

I am sure that I won't be disappointed with my choice.

Roelof Oelofsen
Design Specialist
Telkom SA