SPI problems

Started by Santi Corera March 10, 2003
I have read some posts with questions about the SPI in 56800 family and I am worried with this matter.
I have made some tests with the DSP56F807 EVM and wath I have found is that it is not possible re-initialize the SPI receiver section. If the receiver loses the sincronism (due to an extra or missing clock) it is not able to get it again. It seems that it is not possible to clear the receive shift register. I have tested this without SDK.
This can be a great problem  in noisy environments and, as in my case, in a distributed system, when a slave initialize his receiver in the course of a transmission (beacuse the transmitter came up before).
Does anybody solved this problem ?
Also, I am plannig to use DSP56858 (56800E family), and I will need the SPI to interface with a multimedia flash card. Does somebody know if this problem is present in this family?
Thanks in advance,
Santiago Corera.