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Started by Bende Georg May 19, 2003
You have to follow these steps:
U set the target to "FLASH" in the IDE (now you should see "RAM")
Go to the settings window, select "Debugger/M56800 target settings"; if you
select here "Always load program at debugger launch" then CW will do the
download for you. It is very slow, but if U have a small code it is more
If you want to use the program "flash_over_jtag", which is very fast, then go to
"Linker/M56800 Linker", and select "Generate S-record file". Then the linker
will generate files like "application.elf.p.s", "application.elf.x.s" and
"application.elf.s". p is for program code, x is xflash and the last one
contains both.

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> Betreff: [motoroladsp] internal flash
> I've got a couple of questions. I've been through
> the docs but I cant seem to get the ansewer.
> I'm using a 805evm & code warrior 3.5 (SDK 2.1.1)
> I'd like to download my code to
> internal flash. Right now its being downloaded
> to external ram. I've done a search on the msg board and
> found out about the flash_over_jtag exe. I dont know
> how to generate the S record from the project files. Can the IDE
> be used to generate the SREC file, then use the flash_over_jtag exe
> to download to internal flash?
> As you can see I'm wicked confused about tools to use :?
> Thanks
> Joe >
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