DSP56303EVM: using the host interface for GPIO

Started by GuillaumeDesj June 12, 2003

I am currently trying to use the HIO8 interface on the DSP56303EVM
for GPIO. However, I cannot get anything to the output pins....
Here is the code I used to setup the HPCR and HDDR registers

HPCR EQU $FFFFC4 ; host control register
HDDR EQU $FFFFC8 ; host GPIO data direction register
HDR EQU $FFFFC9 ; host GPIO data register

bclr #HEN,x:HCR ; disable host interface
bset #HGEN,x:HCR ; enable GPIO on the host interface
movep #HDDR_VALUE,x:HDDR ; configure the 8 bits as outputs (8
bits I/Q output)

However when do (for example)...
bset #0,x:R
i don't observe anything on the output pins...

One other questions.... which pins does bit 0 and bit 1 map too ?
pin 11-12 or pin 1-2 (of J3) ?

Thanks in advance,