Help receiving 4 dig signals + sending to pc (dsp56f827)

Started by TA1T June 20, 2003


Can anyone help me with some sample code etc. I am using the
dsp56F827EVM and I would like to create a program that receives four
digital signals and sends the signals to my pc (to be displayed on
virtual instruments using LabwWindows CVI).

The dsp shall receive digital signals via GPIOs. These digital
signals consist of four clock signals of frequencies 12MHz, 3MHz,
48KHz, 10KHz. Note the quad timer module on my board will be in use
as I receive these signals. After receiving the signals the dsp will
then send the information to the pc. I understand this will be done
using the parallel port.

Has anyone attempted code like this before to give me a starting
point. I would be grateful for any code, comments or ideas.