GNU Binutils port for DSP56800

Started by Jan Zizka July 24, 2003

I've just finished implementation of binutils (which includes
assembler, linker, objdump, ar etc.) port for dsp56800.
It is still not available from official binutils CVS, but you
can get it from:

There is also some more info at:

(there were some problems at sourceforge and this site might be
temporarily unavailable).

At the same place you can find simple debugger using JTAG
(currently only linux on PC is supported, however). It allows
write ELF file generated by binutils to internal flash and
ram, run and step program and to set breakpoints. You can
view and modify registers and any memory locations as well.
It is, however, still very simple and I'll start GDB porting

I'm using it quite successfully :), but I haven't tested if
all insns are really correctly generated. Would there be
anybody willing to test this? (also by means of writing
gas testsuit for all insns).

Any feedback welcome!