Reading the SPI DataRxReg

Started by TA1T August 28, 2003

I am inputting signals to the SPI module on my evm although I am not
sure if the signals are reaching the data receive register correctly.

My code initialises the SPI etc..

Slave = open(BSP_DEVICE_NAME_SPI_1, 0, &SpiParams);

and then goes into this loop:


ioctl(Led, LED_ON, LED_GREEN);

read(Slave, (UWord16 *)(&Data),sizeofUWord16));

ioctl(Led, LED_OFF, LED_GREEN);


Incidentally the green LED lights and doesn't turn off, so i know the
code stays in the read function and should be reading the SPI
register associated with the open SPI device "Slave" into the
buffer "UWord16 Data"

How can i look at "Data" so that i know this register is changing
with the input signal.

Also, have i got my spi signals connected to the correct pins?

I'm using SPI1 on DSP56F827EVM, I have SCLK connected to pin 19, MOSI
connected to pin 23, /SS connected to pin 29. (I do not have MISO