&ArchIO.Spi1.DataRxReg is always zero

Started by TA1T September 1, 2003

Whenever i read from the SPI's &ArchIO.Spi1.DataRxReg, the value read
is always zero. How could i get the register to change? Is it
directly connected to the MOSI pin when the DSP is configured as a

When i input the SPI master signals i can view the signals going into
the DSP are correct. I have an SCLK, /SS and MOSI connected (but no
MISO). However on stepping through my code it is evident that the
&ArchIO.Spi1.DataRxReg always stays at zero but it should change with
the data input to the MOSI pin.

Using the dsp56f827 board MOSI = 23, SCLK = 19, /SS = 29