adding to project SDK 3.0

Started by denisskarai September 1, 2003

I have some subroutines what communicate with Crystalfont LCD633
without any SDK function. (Like Code Warrior Example "isr_led"). Now
I need join these subroutines with project, what use SDK.
I have no problem with compilation, but subroutines not works.

May be SDK default configuration disable direct access to registers?
Any idea how get to work with SDK?

#define SCI_baas 0x1160
#define SCIBR *(int volatile*)(SCI_baas+0x00)
#define SCICR *(int volatile*)(SCI_baas+0x01)
#define SCISR *(int volatile*)(SCI_baas+0x02)
#define SCIDR *(int volatile*)(SCI_baas+0x03)
#define GPIO_IPR *(int volatile*)(0xfffb)

void ser_init(void)
SCIBR0;//65; 19200 vaja ju :(
SCIBRe;// 19200 vaja ju :(
SCICR=0x003c; //receive & error interrupt enable, transmit &
receive enable
irku_GPR13 |= 0x0011; //low priority for SCI0 full & error
GPIO_IPR |= 0x8000; //enable priority 0 irq's
buf_start = buf_end = 0;

Best regards,

Deniss Karai