comparing signals

Started by cnnrgrdnr September 18, 2003
i am sending a clock from TA1 on DSP56f827. I am then routing the
clock through a small circuit and back into a gpio pin. once received
at the gpio i need to do a test on the signal to verify that the
signal received is identicle to the signal sent.

I am able to send and recieve the digital clock although i dont know
how to write the code to compare the two signals. Can anybody help:

I receive the code through the following while loop:

while(1) {

temp = (Word16)periphMemRead(&ArchIO.PortB.DataReg);

/* read portB data register */ data[1] = (0x0002 & temp) >> 1;

/* place bit 1 to data[1]*/

Then i need to test to see if the signal being written to data[1]
equals the signal output from TA1.