Comparing two clock signals

Started by TA1T September 25, 2003
I would like to input a clock signal into a gpio pin on the dsp56f827
which has been generated from timer_A2. (Timer A2 physically wired to
the GPIO pin)

I then want to compare the clock signal input to the GPIO, to a clock
signal on timer_A3.

If the signals have the same frequency - Then light an led
If the signals have the same amplitude - Then light another led

Currently i am able to generate the clock signal on timer_A2 and
receive it through a port D GPIO pin. The clock signal is input in
the following way:

while(1) {

temp = (Word16)periphMemRead(&ArchIO.PortB.DataReg);
/* read portB data register */

data[0] = 0x0001 & temp;
/* place signal input into port D pin0, to data[0] */


Basically what happens is that data[0] is constantly updated with the
new value received by the GPIO pin.

I then need to compare this signal with a signal on timer_A3.

Can people give me some ideas on how i could now compare the signals
as this problem is really getting me bogged down?