Strange 56F807 SPI Control Register (SPSCR) Behavior

Started by Litinas, Terry October 22, 2003
Hi All,

I am working with the 56F807, CodeWarrior 5.1.1, and SDK 3.0 and have
noticed that when writing to the COPCTL register (address $1330), the data
in the SPSCR (address $1320) changes. I am monitoring the registers in a
memory window (Swap Endian option set) as I step through the following code:

copInitialize (COP_SETUP, COP_TIMEOUT);
P:000023BC: 86F413325555 movei #21845,X:0x1332
P:000023BF: 86F41332AAAA movei #-21846,X:0x1332
P:000023C2: 86F413310031 movei #49,X:0x1331

**********************SPSCR = 0x1492 before writing to COPCTL (address
P:000023C5: 86F41330000F movei #15,X:0x1330
**********************SPSCR = 0x0214 after writing to COPCTL (address $1330)

Can't figure out how a write to the COPCTL reg affects the data in the SPSCR
reg. It is very repeatable. I have killed and restarted the debugger, cycled
power on the target hardware, and re-downloaded the executable to the 807. I
don't see anything in the 807 errata to explain it. I'm wondering if anyone
else has seen anything like this???

Thanks in advance,

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