Power consumption on DSP56F807

Started by vmiramont April 5, 2002

Does anyone have an idea on what is the typical power consumption on
the DSP5F807? Also anyone have any good ideas on how to put the DSP
to sleep when idle.

Thanks In Advance

Victor Miramontes

Hi Victor,

To answer the first part of your question: I looked in the datasheet
and it specifies a current of 200mA max drawn at VDD in a Run condition.
The datasheet defines a run condition as follows:

Run (operating) I DD measured using external square wave clock source
(f osc = 8 MHz) into XTAL. All inputs 0.2 V
from rail; no DC loads; outputs unloaded. All ports configured as
inputs; measured with all modules enabled. PLL set to
80MHz out.

I cannot help you with the second question because I have only started
to use the 807 recently.

Roelof Oelofsen
Telkom Development Laboratories
Telkom SA

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