DSP56807 Timer B Capture Inputs

Started by petebecher April 26, 2002
I need to find out how to get the capture inputs to Timer B working.

The problem seems to be with the Quadrature Decoder Switch Matrix but
I am not sure. The matrix looks like it defaults to 00 which should
connect the inputs to the timer modual. I checked the DECCR register
using the CW memeory display window and the matrix MODE value is 00.

Is there some other setting that is needed to change or enable this?

I have Timer D set up in the exact same manner and it works fine.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi All,

Just letting you know I figured my problem out.

I was forgetting to clear the IEF (input edge flag) in
the Status and Control Register to re-enable the capture.

Thanks for any responses that you may have sent between the
slow updates on this group.