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Started by Estevam Fabio-R49496 January 6, 2004

I have a customer who faced the same problem you described and below is the
answer he got from Metrowerks.

Best regards,

Fabio Estevam


Try this steps to see if you get rid of the error that you are seeing.
These steps you have to do them in the CCS Console Window. To
get the CCS Console Window you have to double click on the CCS
icon in the tools bar tray on the lower right hand corner.
1. 'show wdv' ->"WinDriver V5.05b Jungo (c)2002 Build Date: Aug 4 2002 X86
2. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System Hardware -> Device
Ports -> Printer Port(LPT1) double click on this and on the window go to
the Resources tab.
Look at the I/O Range. The first I/O range is the address of the parallel
3. delete all
config cc parallel:0x0378
After doing this you should connect to the board without any problems.
This error was appearing when a customer would try to connect to the

Try these steps and see if this works out for you.


Irene Sierra
Metrowerks Technical Support
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Subject: [motoroladsp] Codewarrior / 56F8346EVM program
running/debugging I have a demo project that compiles properly and I'm tring to run it
on my evm board to see the light turn off and on and I'm having
trouble connecting to it from Codewarriors debugger...
I get a command converter server error every time I click on
"Debug" after making my project...

The error I'm getting is a message box with the
error "CCSProtocolPlugin: CCS: Cable disconnected" and I have a known
good cable (That IS connected) and the evm board power is plugged
in. Any body have any idea what the heck is going on? It shouldn't
be so hard to turn on and off a couple of lights...

Thanks in advance,

Erick _____________________________________
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