Request for a FFT module

Started by funcuit January 12, 2004
Hi, everyone.
I wish you all happy new year.

Recently, I'm working on FFT for speech-recognizer.
Since I have hardly had dsp-assembly experience, it's been so tough.
Subroutines like FFT shouldn't be programmed in C-level because then
it dgrades the overall performance, which is why I decided to do
manual-assembly on FFT.

Also, I though it best to use those FFT benchmark codes. However,
the document doesn't give any detailed information about the code
usage like what integer word length of the input it is programmed

For your information, the processor i'm workin on is DSP2410 ,
which is the same as DSP56004. Can anyone help me out with this or
give me some advice ? I would really appreciate it.