PCMaster Baud rate

Started by cmafatcontroller January 30, 2004
I want to up the PCMaster Baud rate from 9600 as it has been

I have found the Baud rate configuration in pmasterdrv.c in the BSP
directory of SDK, and changed it to every standard increment between
9600 and 57600 - e.g. 19200, 38400 etc. I also changed the baud rate
in PCMaster itself.

The change partially works, in that PCMaster is showing data in the
watch grid, and the scope sort of works, however it is obviously
receiving a lot of dud information as well, as big gaps appear in
the scope plots, and you get '?'s in the watchgrid sometimes instead
of proper values.

As we are working with Flash only, I can't really use the recorder
as I don't have enough RAM, hence the desire to up the Baud rate.

Does anyone know why it doesn't work at anything other than 9600,
and advise how to fix it ? (Cable length is ~2m).


Ian Duncan