RE: Re: DSP56F827: Flash to RAM copy - Compiler O verflow w/o Error?

Started by Johnson, Jerry February 4, 2004
RE: [motoroladsp] Re: DSP56F827: Flash to RAM copy - Compiler Overflow w/o Error?

As a point of reference, is this a "compiler error"  or a linker error?  I would hope this is a linker error, in that the linker command file used truly defines the limits of memory, and that those limits are not being respected!!!  Since the target could be for external RAM (or flash), and not internal flash, the "compiler" should build object code that is greater than the internal space.  However, when the link/locate process runs, the specified target boundaries should be respected, and an error issued.

I hope the linker.cmd file is correct for the target that the image is to be loaded into!!!


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Overflow w/o Error?

Hi Boaz,

Yes this is a problem in CodeWarrior.  It does not flag any memory
overruns.  The problem is still in version 5.1 and I have not seen
any indication that it has been fixed in version 6.0.  I had
contacted tech support about this problem a while back.  Maybe
someone from Metrowerks can confirm whether or not this is fixed or
will be fixed.


--- In, "bmbmz123" <boaz_b@m...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've come across a problem.
> The sw has some constant data, which is copied after reset from
> pflash to RAM, as one big block - the data is mirrored to RAM.
> It seems that the this constant data block is placed after the sw
> pflash.
> Now, that the sw is large, and there are many constants, it looks
> that the constant data block has overflowed the pflash boundry!
> I came across this when some constant data was bad. 
> As I check with the debugger, I saw that some data was ok, up to a
> point, and from that address on, there was bad constant data.
> I looked at the MAP file, and measured that constant data block
> the last sw routine address, and it is overflowed!!
> Why didn't the compiler shout an error?
> Has anyone seen this before?
> As the '827 has another pflash2 memory, will the compiler know to
> place an even larger sw in the two pflas sections?
> I'm using CW ver 4.1 (a bit old, I know!)
> boaz

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