Output SPI commands from Timer Interrupt

Started by uwmechlab February 7, 2004
Perhaps someone can give me some guidance here:

On my 56F8346 EVM board I have an SPI D/A converter that requires 2
bytes sent out the SPI0 port to output a voltage. Since this is
meant for a control system experiment I need to generate a time base
to do this. I tried creating a timer interrupt @ a 500 Hz rate using
a Processor Expert Bean and TimerA. I stuck my working SPI code
(another Bean with a manual Chip Select I/O line being toggled -
SM1_SendChar()) into the Bean Generated timer code - void
TI1_OnInterrupt(void) I run it on the EVM and my SPI lines all go
low and I get no DAC output - Is there something funny happening or a
technique I should be using to get my SPI code to run inside the

Thank you in advance.