RE: 6.0 IDE debugger change default base from deci mal to hex

Started by Corey, Rick February 13, 2004
Hi Ron, how's it going?

That seems not to affect the fields inside a structure, if you just click
the structure and set "view as hex". At least that is true for the "ArchIO"
style variables. Also for structs specified by a pointer.

Also, that seems not to be "sticky" - I just set the fields in several
structs to "view as hex", then stopped the debug session, downloaded again
and started debugging again, and they are back to decimal.

Also, one still has to set each variable separately - I would really like to
change the *default* base for numeric display in all debugger windows
from decimal to hex - or at least the local variables pane and the
Expressions pane.

So far I haven't noticed any difference between the Menu item "Data | View
as Hex" and just right-clicking each field and selecting "view as hex".

Thanks, though.

Rick Corey

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When Debugging,

There should be a Data menu item.

select your variable, the open the Data menu and
View as Hexadecimal

> Does anyone know how to change the default base for numeric display in the
> 6.0 CW IDE debugger windows from decimal to hex?
> Edit | Preferences | Debugger | Display Settings | "Show values as
> decimal instead of hex"
> I've tried checking and un-checking this, but to no effect.
> Values always show in decimal (though addresses are always in hex - good
> choice).
> Does anyone know the secret?
> Induhvidually right-clicking each variable and structure field does allow
> converting them to hex one at a time, but my fingers are getting tired.
> Rick Corey
> Senior Software Engineer
> DPC Instrument Systems Division

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