Stationery problem when creating a project with codewarrior 5.0

Started by rowlandroderick February 25, 2004
I have just started working with the DSP56F805EVM development board
with Codewarrior 5.0 and Embedded SDK 3.0.

I've used some of the examples to download to the board ( flashing
LEDs) and they work.

Question 1.
However, when I wanted to do some maths functions such as 'sqrt' it
dis not build. Looking through the various documentation, am I to
understand that I need to link in some of the SDK libraries that
come with SDK ?

When I tried to build the DAC example, I made the changes to the
appconfig.h file
e.g #define INCLUDE_DSPFUNC /* dsp functional library */

The dac.mcp project also loaded in the following .mcp projects :-
bsp, sys, tools, dspfunc, bldc, mcfunc

Their corresponding .lib files did not exist.

Question 2.
Am I correct in believing that these libraries did not come with SDK
and that I need to build them from the source code ?

Question 3.

How do I add such a library to a new project ? Question 4. In the the tutorial ( section 2.3.4 of help_, after selecting the
stationary and the processor, Codewarrior shows a 'template' with
\EXTERNAL RAM appconfig.c, appconfig.h and linker.cmd, below this
there is
\Flash with config.c, const.h,vector.c,
Below these there are directories for SDK Projects and SDK Libs

The only SDK Stationerty I have are :-

Dsp56800 EABI Stationery
Dsp56800 Embedded Stationery

When I select Dsp56800 EABI Sationery and then the 56805 I get 2
subdirectories :-
code and support.

Neither of which have the appconfig.h file etc.

How do I get the stationery to produce subdirectories with the
appconfig.h file ect ? Thanks,