Port A problem resolved!!

Started by Hernan Dario Herrera March 12, 2004
I already solve the problem with the port A in DSP56303EVM. The thing is that the data bits in the hardware connector is scrambled from DD8 to DD15 but the rest (DD16 to DD23) are right. That is, in the connector pins the number 1 is thought to be the DD8 and so on, but it isn't, it's the DD9, and the pin 2 is the DD8, until the DD15.
If I was dealing with memory chips, i wouldn't matter, but, my application unses converter (A to D and D to A) in which case, the data needs to be in the rigt form.
anyway, thanks to you all that ansewer me.

Hernan Dario Herrera T.
Asistente de Investigaci
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Cali - Colombia