FFT libs

Started by xumrswimr June 17, 2002
Hi, I'm pretty new to this but please help me out anyways. I'm using
the DSP56F827EVM board and I'm having some problems programming an
FFT with it.

I'm not really sure how the implementation in the DSPfunc libs work.
Specifically, I dont understand how the function dfr16RFFT works. I
initialize the struct it calls for as well as my input array ( Frac16

What I dont understand is how the function stores the result.
Apparently the output array of type dfr16_sInplaceCRFFT has 3
variables: Frac16 z0; Frac16 zNDiv2; CFrac16 cz[1];. How are these
representations of my result ? I've already looked in the manuals and
didn't really get any help.