stand alone bootloader

Started by Douglas Holub April 9, 2004
Hi everybody,
Here's a stand alone bootloader. No SDK, no arch.h, no periph.h. It programs P memory from SCI0 at 38400 8,N,1.  In my application, the S records are prefaced with '@' and 0.
Thanks to Jacob Christ for his bootloader. I had to look at it a couple of times when I got stuck.


I use some Dsp5630x Command Converters boards
connected to internal ISA interface cards..

We have (We and other labs near ..) reliability
Using emulators with target power supply selected
(Power supply is stable and reliable) some of them are
"fired"... one is fired without any target connection
(!!!) . Dsp is simply burned hitself.. HAve you similary problems ??? =====
-- F.Tigli SCPOP author ---

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