DSP56F827: Placing sw in pFlash1 and pFlash2

Started by bmbmz123 May 11, 2004
My sw has overflowed pFlash1 memeory, and I want to put sw in pFlash2.

Currently, I have already placed some constant strings in pFlash2,
using the linker, and the AT command for Ext_Ram_Mirror.

How will I add sw to pFlash2, and how should I handle the const data
put in pFlash2?

How are the addresses handled?

In the linker file, pFlash1 section comes before pFlash2 section.
In pFlash1 section the command * (.text) writes all the sw to this

If I put the command file.c (.text) in pFlash2, will the linker know
to place its sw in pFlash2 and not in pFlash1?

Or, will I need to move the pFlash2 section text before the pFlash1