DMA with flash???

Started by Hernan Dario Herrera May 11, 2004
Hi all.
I have a program that writes code to flash memory in the DSP56303EVM, and I have proved with some programs involving SCI, ESSI, etc. and they worked fine.
The problem arrives when I write into the flash an application with DMA. the application has a data transfer with ESSI controlled with DMA. The application alone works fine, but running form the flash, it doesnt work fine. The data transmited are different (way to different) from the data that is expected.
Is there any consideration that maybe I have not taken into account? Does it change in anything the fact that the code is running from the Flash memory rather than intern memory????
Im using DSP56303EVM that comes withAtmel flash memory  AT29LV512 20JC and codec CD4215 from Crystal.

Hernan Dario Herrera T.
Asistente de Investigaci
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Cali - Colombia