MC56F8322 SPI

Started by Syed Hasan Rizvi June 30, 2004
Hi All,
I am trying to interface '8322 DSP SPI port to a serial SPI device that
takes four 16 bit words for each communication cycle. The module aso
requires the frame Slave Select bit (I am using SS of SPI port as an
GPIO) to be toggled high and low after transmitting every 16 bit word.
The sample waveform is uploaded in the files section "Serial

I can not use the SPI beans as my application requires a special monitor
mode in which I have to switch from master to slave mode on the fly.

I tried using the PESL functions but the clock goes inactive after sending
each word. Is there any way of letting the SPI keep sending the clock
and control a GPIO pin for framing (in master mode) act as part of the
SPI module.

Any suggestions and advice would be highly helpfull.


Syed Rizvi