Help with DSP56F805 PWM etc.

Started by Unknown June 20, 2002
Please Help,

I am in way over my head. All of a sudden I find myself declared the
Expert on my project, this happened
when I was not looking :(.

I am currently involved on a project where I am supposed to program a
DSP56F805 dev board for PWM independent

I need ~200Hz PWM period with edge aligned independent operation of 4 PWM
channels (PWM0 - PWM3).

Without using the DSK(I can't figure that stuff out), I need the
initialization code to set up the PWMA module. I have a sort of hello
which runs using Metrowerks and dev board but whatever I try I cannot seem
to get PWM operational.

Please if there is a kind sole who could send me some code (Well
Documented) or post here, that would operate the PWM
it would really help me out.
Many Thanks In Advance,


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Hi Mitch,

I got a good chuckle out of your post, thanks.

There are a lot of settings to make for the PWM
to actually output something. I've struggled
myself. The code below is what I use to init my
pwm-A. It uses some of the low-level SDK stuff.
It sets up only 2 channels for pwm but it could
get you started (the other channels are software
controlled outputs). Read and re-read the PWM
chapter of the DSP User's Manual for more info
on the registers and bit assignments and operation.

Good Luck,

void InitPWMs(void)
//set edge and independent channels, all (no dead time)
periphBitSet(0x100E, &ArchIO.PwmA.ConfigReg);
//disable all faults
periphBitClear(0xFFFF, &ArchIO.PwmA.DisableMapping1Reg);
periphBitClear(0x00FF, &ArchIO.PwmA.DisableMapping2Reg);
//Clear pending faults
periphBitSet(0x0055, &ArchIO.PwmA.FaultStatusReg);
//enable pwmA0-5 outputs (bit 15).
//enable software control for led tests of pwmA5-2 (bits 13:10).
//pwmA1-0 are for bulk ps control
periphBitSet(0xBC00, &ArchIO.PwmA.OutputControlReg);
//pwm resol. 10 bits (39khz)
periphMemWrite(0x0400, &ArchIO.PwmA.CounterModuloReg);
//initial fwd dc = 50%
periphMemWrite(0x0200, &ArchIO.PwmA.ValueReg[0]);
//initial rev dc = 50%
periphMemWrite(0x0200, &ArchIO.PwmA.ValueReg[1]);

//load settings
periphBitSet(0x0002, &ArchIO.PwmA.ControlReg);
//enable pwmA
periphBitSet(0x0001, &ArchIO.PwmA.ControlReg);

} // InitPWMs