DSP56807 with SDK and ISR written in assembly

Started by Christian Brauchli June 26, 2002

I have a small question according to ISR.

I'm using the SDK to set up most of my Interrupts. Now I had to program 1
Interupt in assembly with the Priority 5. (This ISR uses about 50% of my DSP
ressource.) The Interrupt handling and the timing according to the priority
works fine.The ASM ISR stops the lower ISR from running if required.
It is a motion application and for safety reason I had to set up Interrupts with
higher priority (6).

Now the problem is that this ISR (6) does not stops the Priority 5 ASM routine
from running.

I checked out the SDK function dispatcher.asm, but coudn't figure out how to set
up the SR Register.

Thanks for helping and feedbacks

Chris Brauchli
Brauchli Netsolution Berg