DSP56858, CodeWarrior, Debug break problem

Started by inneralf August 25, 2004
I've pretty much copied the JTAG interface from the motorola EVM
for the DSP858 onto my own board. Using V6.1.1 of CodeWarrior I can
download, run, single step, and kill progams no problem, but I can't

Inserting a breakpoint in a small program that just increments a
counter and flashes some LEDs works to an extent. It will break the
first few (2-10) times that I hit the breakpoint, after that it will
halt but not communicate with CW over the JTAG interface.

Letting it run and trying to force an asynchronous break from CW
doesn't work at all. I get a dialog box from CW that
says "CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to stop process".

Any ideas?

alf dot katz at innerrange dot com