The write command on Codewarrior

Started by josalfe2002 July 3, 2002
Hi everyone...
I need some help....I need to send the results of some operations via
the serial port. This results is a vector of 2048 elements, each one
of them is a UWord16 type of data. Suppose a save the vector as V.
When I use the "write" command:

write(Uart, &v,sizeof(v))

I try to read this vector on Visual Basic (using the MSComm) and get

But everithing changes when I send a constant, for example:
#define command = 'P'
void main(void)
} What is the difference between the first and the last of this

if anyone doesn't understand what i'm saying, please email me and
I'll explaing it.

JosAntonio S.