how to integrate the tasking EDE tools with the dsp56303EVM

Started by gunala_sunitha December 30, 2004

i got a new dsp56303EVM board. but i am anable to integrate it with
the tasking EDE development tool. so please give me some informayion
regarding this

Dear Gunala,

Can you be more specific. The TASKING 56k toolchain does
support the DSP56303EVM developer board so I'm assuming
there's something else. If you explain what isn't working I
may be able to help. Targeting for DSP56303EVM is not the
problem I think. It boils down to selecting the 56303
derivative and selecting the DSP56303EVM target from the
linker/locator options. In all I think your question would
be better directed to the TASKING forum:

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