MOTDSP: Anybody actually used Mot C compiler?

Started by Art Du Rea June 5, 1999
Illustrious DSP Group Members:

Has anyone actually used the freebie Motorola C compiler that comes with
the EVM kits to successfully implement a program on an EVM board? Analog
Devices support for C isn't tremendous, but it is one WHOLE lot better than

According to official Motorola Tech Support (in CHINA no less!) there are
NO demo programs written in C for the EVM boards. Duh..........

I have several EVM boards ... 56002, 56303, 56307, etc. ... and have
exclusively programmed in assembler so far. I would like to have the
convenience of being able to do some quick and easy testing using C source
code. I just haven't had time to mung through the Motomire to get even a
primitive C demo running.

Currently, I'm focused on using the DSP56307EVM. What I plan to do is just
write a dumb trivial demo to run a "main" loop and call a couple of
functions to initialize and set the TI0 timer (tied directly to a LED) to
blink at a parametric rate (nominally 1 second) with a parametric ON time
(nominally .1 second). Once I get this far, I should have a decent
template for further experiments, especially some generic DFT/FFT and COM

One additional question ... the 56307EVM supports FAST async serial ...
does anyone have any experience trying to communicate with a PC host COM
port at 460 kBaud? I am most interested in the Windows software aspects
(LabWindows/CVI) ... I already know about cable capacitance for RS-232, and
am using RS-485 (differential).

Thanks for any assistance or comments ...

All the best, and ENJOY!

Art Du Rea
Systems Engineering Consultant
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA