Help on link error CW7.0 PE and 56F800DEMO board

Started by Bruno Tremblay April 1, 2005



            I’m trying to get a quick PWM generator with the 56F800DEMO board. I’ve done some dev on this board with CW 4.1 but it’s the first time I use it with CW7.0 and Processor Expert.


For this quick project I selected : Processor Expert Stationary > DSP56F801_60MHz. Then I added only PWMMC and PC_MASTER beans and selected internal pROM-xRAM for target.


When I execute the make command, I get a link error.


            Link Error : Segment overflow: .x_data

            Reserved size is 0x000003c0 – Overflow 0x00000014



 Since it’s my first link error, I don’t know where to look to solve this. Can some one give me a hint on this?