Problems with a DSP56F801

Started by BACH, Frederic July 30, 2002

I have made a design with a DSP56F801 (XC version) and I'd like to be able
to download my software with Codewarrior v4.1. The communication module
with my host is a JTAG/OnCE interface which is similar as the interface
present on a DSP56F801EVM .

Normally, the DSP56F801 should start with his on-chip relaxation oscillator
but in my case the DSP need an external clock source to establish the
dialogue with codewarrior. I don't understand why!

When the dialogue is established and I am trying to download the software,
I have got many problems for downloading the right code, sometimes it works
the other time not.

I think that I have got a communication problem with my host, but I don't
know if this problem comes from my design or from an incompatibility problem
with codewarrior.

Could you help me if you have already solved that problem!

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