FW: Using address pin as GPIO on 56F805 with PE

Started by Corey, Rick May 3, 2005

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Subject: Re: Using address pin as GPIO on 56F805 with PE Currently, there is not possible to use only a part of the address
bus in the CPU bean options. We are planing such option for the
future versions.

In the current version, it is possible to disable external bus and
initialize external memory manually (Linker Command File generation
has to be disabled and memory segments need to be modified manually
within a Linker Command File to avoid a PE memory range checking).
The pins used of the address are (as stated in the manual)
initialized as an address lines after reset. So user should only
place BitIO beans into the project, using some of these pins and
Processor Expert will initialize them as GPIO pins and the rest of
the address-bus pins will remain address lines.

best regards
Petr Hradsky
Processor Expert Support Team

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> Hello,
> I've already done this when I was using the SDK but I
> figure how to do it with Processor Expert. What I want to do is:
while still
> using A0-A5 as address pin I want to use A6-A15 as there GPIO pin.
I've try
> to set the external bus with an Ext16IO bean at 0x2000. Then, when
I try to
> set the GPIOA, PE gives me an error. >
> If I can't do it with PE, is there a work around? > Thanks >
> Bruno