Re: Digest Number 782

Started by Gary Schnabl May 3, 2005

>I used to program the 56F80X family of DSPs with Codewarrior 5.0. Now, I am
>implementing HC908s as a low cost replacement in low-end applications.
>1) Does anybody know any other Motorola/Yahoo group as good as this one? I
>searched but got nothing.
>2) Regarding Codewarrior environment, is it the same for HC908s as for
>56F80x? I have found several similarities and want to apply all I know from
>the 56800 into HC908s.

You must have stopped your search short of your target. There is an
excellent HC08 Yahoo group which is quite active, usually more busy than
this group - 68HC05_08@68HC.... There is also an HC12 version -
68HC12@68HC.... And then there are the 8/16-bit and Hybrid DSP
Forums in the support Community.

There are some differences in the HC08 (and HC12) and the Hybrid DSP. The
HC series have stand-alone Hiware applications (Assembler, Compiler,
SmartLinker, Decoder, Burner, etc.) that can be used along with or w/o
CodeWarrior, if you so choose. The HC(S)08 and the HC(S)12 also use
Processor Expert, though. There is ample documentation for all these three
series to literally involve thousands of pages of reading material. Gary Schnabl
(Southwest) Detroit
2 miles NORTH! of Canada -- Windsor, that is...