I can't enter 805's input capture interupt

Started by xiong2046296 November 17, 2005
I use 05EVM and Metrowerks SDK2.4, also i use the embedded RTOS
uc-osII2.51 to develop .
Now i have four tasks and three interrupts. They are two quadTimer
tasks----timerB_0 and TimerB_1, which TimerB_0 have two interrupts---
callbackOnCompare and callbanckOnInputedge .The third interrupt is
Now i can't enter the callbanckOnInputedge, however the other two
interrupts are OK. I am sure that the Timer's registers are set right.
Are their priority the problems?? The priority of pwm's callback is 3
by add "#define GPR_INT_PRIORITY_59 3" in the appconfig.h. And
TimerB_0's callback is set to 2.
I really don't why i can not enter the callbackOnIputedge.I have used
the breakpoint in the ISR. When the process run firstly, it can stop at
the breakpoint, but after it, i restart the process .The process never
stop at the breakpoint.
If someone want see my process to help me resolve this problem, i can
send it to you.
Thank you very much! I need your replys.