codewarrior and 56f8xxx

Started by bobtransformer January 13, 2006

Anybody know exactly how to get a linked and LOCATED listing
(combination source/asm .LST)output from codewarrior for the 56F800E
software ?
I can get non-located output it seems like, but except for
the simulator, or emulator, each module is referenced at location 00.

i.e. I'd like the input to what becomes the .S file...

Also, why do most (all?) of the demo applications run in
RAM instead of FLASH ? Is there some debugging reason ?
I think the parts are fast enough for most of these simple
apps to run straight from flash.

CW dsp version 7.3 (latest off the freescale site)
and using the 56F8014 demo board.

Love the parts... Just having trouble with the tools.

Everett, WA