Trying to run Mode 0B on a DSP56F807

Started by Peter Becher February 1, 2006
Hi All,

I am trying to run Mode 0B on a DSP56F807 and not having much luck.  Has anyone
else tried that?

I am using CW 5.1 and SDK.  My program runs just fine in Mode 0A but freaks out
(basically does not boot properly) in Mode 0B.  So you wonder why I want to run
Mode 0B then?  It's a long story.

My program fits in the lower 32k of pFLASH (0x0004 to 0x6FF) and I think I have
changed the linker.cmd properly but am not sure.  The problem I see is, how does
the program know that the pRAM has been remapped to the lower 32k of memory when
switching to Mode 0B.  The only thing I see that goes into pRAM is the data from
paramdata.c which looks like stuff the Interrupt Dispatcher uses.  I use both
Normal and SuperFast interrupts.

Any thoughts?