nested DSP56321 on pci cards

Started by February 20, 2007

This may not be the right place to discuss this, but subject is relevant to motorola dsp 56321. At least I could be pointed to right direction.

As you may know, there are commercial products for audio processing where such dsp's are nested on a single pci card that fits into personal computer. However, on of the companies that developed this hardware is not willing to support free-lance, student developers...hmm..wondering, if it is even possible to use such hardware without developers support...

Would like to start dsp programming, using this dsp's would be great as I already own it, and it comes with a good ADC/DAC (up to 192khz). I have a good knowledge of oop, computational music and some matlab programming, but no experience with dsp.

Please give me a hint about directions I could take, and whether it is possible to use such hardware.

Cheers, Miha