56F8365 Help when Configuring peripheral for GPIOC [0:3] using SIM_GPS

Started by oyedejimummy February 28, 2008
I would like to configure pin 0-1 to PhaseA1/PhaseB1 and pins 2-3 to
SCI (MISO and MOSI). However the manual is not clear about if this is
possible (reading about the SIM_GPS). It seems that all four GPIOC pins
[0:3] have to be configured to the same function (GPIO OR Quad
decoder/Quad Time B OR SPI1) even though the actual configuration
through SIM_GPS is done individually.
My conclusion is that I will not be able to use GPIOC pin 2 and 3 sor
SPI1 signals even though the Quadrature decoder is configured to
operating mode 2 (ie only using filtered PHASEA and PHASEB signals).

Is my conclusion correct?
If not where is the information that supports this?