DSP56F807 Quad Timers

Started by Andrew Shelkovenko September 6, 2002

Sorry for my English. :(

I read the documentation and I try to determine usefulness of DSP56F807 for our

I have some questions about DSP56F807 Quad Timers.

1. Can I use timer in next mode:

Count Mode = 100 - quadrature count mode
Oflag output mode = 111 and the count OnCE bit is set - Pulse-Output Mode

Is it means, that the counter will output a pulse stream of pulses with the
(frequency X 4) of input quadrature signal ,
i.e every output pulse is corresponding with edge of signals on primary and
secondary source?

What width of output pulses - 1/clock/2 ?

2. Count Mode = 001 - count the rising edges
Oflag output mode = 101 - set on compare, cleared on secondary sourse
input edge.
Length=0 Roll over
Compare register=1
Is it means, that rising edge on primary input set OFlag (1), and rising edge
on secondary input reset OFlag (0)?

Thank you.

Andrew Shelkovenko