MSCAN useful information

Started by Art Johnson September 11, 2002
The following Application Notes and FAQs have some highly useful
information for anyone writing code for the MSCAN (Motorola Scalable
Controller Area Network) module. Although they were written for other
devices, most of this information does apply to the DSP56F80x MSCAN
module, especially regarding how the interrupts should be handled. I
found that the DSP56F80x User's Manual didn't have enough details on how
the error interrupts should be handled.

AN2283/D Motorola Scalable Controller Area Network (MSCAN) Interrupts
AN1798/D CAN Bit Timing Requirements
AN2255/D MSCAN Low-Power Applications
EB181/D FAQs - M68HC05 Family MCAN Module

You can get the documents by following these links:


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