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Started by Unknown September 19, 2002

Very interest discussion. Fortunately for this application I can disable
all interrupts during flash erase&write (disabled for 40msec!!!!! during
page erase) . But I want see your code because the problem is hot.
Could send me your applicaton file another time in ZIP format ? This
because the anti virus system has block your .cmd file.
Thank you in advance.
Giuliano "Art Johnson"

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Program xFlash & interrupt

We had this same problem in our applications. You cannot access any memory
in a Flash Interface Unit (FIU) while any page in the FIU is being erased
or programmed. For example, you cannot read from one page in Data Flash
while another page in Data Flash is being erased or programmed.

In our applications, we must be able to erase/program Data Flash while the
system is in normal operation. This means that all data has to be either
(a) moved from the Data Flash to the Program Flash, or (b) copied (during
initialization) from Data Flash to Data RAM or Program RAM. Obviously, any
data that is moved to Program Flash or copied to Program RAM requires some
source code changes as well.

To cut to the chase, the array configNestedIPRmask[] has to be moved to
Program Flash for our applications. This array is accessed every time an
interrupt occurs, so it cannot remain in Data Flash, because the program
would crash when we erased or programmed any page in the Data Flash.

The result is that we had to change the Motorola SDK library files "arch.c"
and "dispatcher.asm", as well as the DSP OS library file "os_dispatch.c".
DSP OS is the realtime operating system (RTOS) we use in all our
applications. We also had to change the application's "linker.cmd" file so
the array configNestedIPRmask[] is placed into Program Flash. Copies of
these files are attached so you can see what's involved.

In "arch.c", the functions archEnterNestedInterruptCommon() and
archExitNestedInterruptCommon() have been changed. In "dispatcher.asm",
the code changes are near the beginning of FastDispatcher. In
"os_dispatch.c", the code changes are near the beginning of
Os_Interrupt_Dispatcher(). In "linker.cmd", the "const.c (.data)" section
is put into a special memory section called ".pConstFlash", so the array
configNestedIPRmask[] is placed into Program Flash. This "linker.cmd" file
is for the '807 chip, which has a different memory map than the '805 chip,
but you can make similar changes in your "linker.cmd" file.

I hope this helps.


Art Johnson
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Subject: [motoroladsp] Program xFlash & interrupt problem Does anyone know if is necessary to disable all interrupt ISR when
programming or erasing xFlash data ? I'm using 56805 microcontroller in
single chip mode.
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