Rif: RE: Maximun flash program word time in 5680x

Started by Unknown October 11, 2002

>It depends on how much data you need to save. The Page Erase time (page
= 256 words) >is 20ms minimum, and the Mass Erase (all Data Flash) time is
100ms minimum. Then you >have to program each word (20us minimum for each

Ok, I'm interest to know the maxium word program time.If I have the maxium
program time for one word, after I can calculate my program time multiply
the time for my word number.
Also when I want write, all the memory location are already erased, so
sector erase time is not important for me.
I need to write only in Data Flash.

If I haven't this time I need to use a external serial FRAM memory!!! Regards,

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Subject: [motoroladsp] Maximun flash program word time in 5680x In my product I need to store unvolatile data when the power supply goes
Internal flash memory seem be right for this. The problem is that I not
know the maximun
programming time of internal flash. Does anyone have an idea on this time ?
It seems difficult to obtain!!

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