GPIO interrupts configuration...

Started by Nitin Madhukar Yewale October 25, 2002
I am using 56F827 in my project. One of the push button is
connected to one GPIO pin.
I want to execute two different operations when push button is
pressed. Operation to execute will be decided on the duration till which
button is pressed like....if button is pressed for 2 seconds then perfom
op_1 and else perform op_2.

As I know we can configure GPIO pin as
GPIO_INTERRUPT_DETECTION_ACTIVE_LOW [edge triggerd] to generate

Now I want to measure duration when button is pressed. How can I measure
the same?

My idea about implementation for the same:-

1> I will have to configure interrupt for
GPIO_INTERRUPT_DETECTION_ACTIVE_HIGH. So whenever user press the button
then it will go to ISR for GPIO pin.

2> When interrupt occurs then make GPIO_INTERRUPT_DETECTION_ACTIVE_LOW
and start timer so that start time is captured.

3> Now when user releses the button then control will go to ISR as new
setting i.e. GPIO_INTERRUPT_DETECTION_ACTIVE_LOW and we can stop the

Using above mechanism we can mesure the time for which user has pressed

Correct me if I am wrong.


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