SDRAM support for DSP563xx

Started by jesusvillenaroberto October 31, 2002
Hi all,

We are begining a new project with eight DSP56366 as a big version of
an existing one with a DSP56303. We need to use external DRAM in each
DSP. In the first project, the DSP used EDO DRAM because it was
available and the DSP supported this memory directly. However now,
the memory manufacturers are not recommending EDO DRAM for news
projects; they recommend SDRAM.

The DSP563xx doesn't support SDRAM and Motorola doesn't give us any
solution, excepting to change the design to the StartCore family,
which is not acceptable, because we work for the audio industry and
the DSP56k is something like a standard for audio processing (the
design is an open platform for Audio DSP programmers, which have
already a lot of code written for this platform).

Has anyone used an external SDRAM controller with these DSPs
succesfully? (FPGA, CPLD, PAL, peripheral chip...)