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Started by Art Johnson November 25, 2002
Motorola has 3 excellent Application Notes about the ADCs:
AN1933/D "Synchronizing of On-Chip Analog to Digital Converter on DSP56F80x
AN1940/D "Mapping ADC Control Registers to the SDK API"
AN1947/D "DSP56800 ADC"

AN1940/D has quite a bit of useful information, even if you are not using the

You can get these Application Notes at:

Motorola has many links to Application Notes for the DSP56F80x DSP chips, just
go to their website at:

Then select the chip you are using (for example, DSP56F807):
- In the Search area (top right) enter DSP56F807 and press Go
- Click on the link to "DSP56F807 Product Summary Page"
- On this page scroll down to "DSP56F807 Documentation"
- You will see a section titled "Application Note", this has links to all the
Application Notes that apply to the DSP56F807 chip I hope this helps.


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Subject: [motoroladsp_unmoderated] ADC conversion Hi all,

thanks to you all for this discussion forum and a special thanks to
Mr.Art Johnson for his earlier prompt replies. I use dsp56f807 evm
board and work with CW in C. I do not use SDK due to stringent timing

Could someone please guide me how I can establish the following:


"Upon user request like an IRQ_A button depressing, ADC conversion is
started and the results of the conversion viewed in the scope and the
console as well." 2.
An output cycle for the analog consists of 128 strobe pulses. Each
pulse in the signal is ON for 3.7 micro-seconds before settling down
to zero (settling time is 1.3 micro-seconds, before the next pulse is
ON). Its the ON data from the signal, which needs to be converted by
the ADC and outputed to the console and the scope."

This analog signal refers to the VID_OUT from the PYROLYNE 128
Element Linear Array. These 128 elements are infrared detectors, used
for scanning a laser beam in function. Each pulse in the output
signal is a reference to the voltage level on each element of the
camera, hence there are 128 elements in the camera which provide for
128 readings of the laser beam.The purpose is upon, user request, the
DSP should convert either all the 128 element to digital data for
viewing as a histogram or a part of the array alone needs to be read
which is again user defined.

If needed I shall provide additional information with regards to the
signals in questions. Thanking you in advance.
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