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Started by Corey, Rick December 4, 2002

I think it is a matter of degrees. Every toolset has a few subtle bugs that
escaped the test process. We the developers always find some. However, I
prefer to find a few little hard-to-find potholes, not landmines in the
middle of the road.

On the other hand, my belief is that almost every engineer wants it all,
wants it now, wants it cheap, and wants it passionately and indignantly.

On the other other hand, Metrowerks goes too far in calling things
"preferences", or "users wanting features to work a different way". This
isn't the first compiler most of us have ever used, and we indeed prefer
that innocuous checkboxes not break basic features of the language.

I read somewhere that some of the first few Model Ts were returned to the
factory with the complaint that "wheels turn wrong way when steering". OK,
the tiller of a boat causes the boat to go left when you move the tiller
right, so maybe that is just a "user preference".

But how many compiler users prefer the stack to blow up when they use an
inline function? Or wants to find "DO" instructions in their code when they
UN-check that box, and the hardware stack crashes?

Where is the concern with quality in Metrowerks' SQA test process? Of
course the answer is the same for MW as for any company: allocating
development resources according to business priorities.

Maybe we are lucky that Metrowerks puts any effort into it at all.
Apparently other vendors don't see enough business in our corner of the
world (yet) to make it worth their while to develop a compiler for the

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